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About "Florida Father’s Network"


In 1994, a small group of fathers founded the first Florida fathers group “Father to Father of Collier County”. We did not fit into the mold of traditional support groups that were designed by mothers and began to meet together as dads. We started with planned community outings with our children. It gave us time with our children and an informal time to talk to each other. I developed the “Dadvocate” workshop and presented it at Family Café for seven years. My first workshop had three dads but grew to be full room with people standing outside the door. I learned much from the fathers in those workshops. I realized that dads were being over looked and created this network based on Dr James May’s model. Dr May was an inspiration to me and supportive in my endeavors. You can read my submission “Father of Two” under the “Father’s Voice’s” section of this website, which he helped me with by prompting me to share more than my original submission. It is my hope that through this website fathers will be encouraged to become involved in the lives of their children by being “Dadvocates”. We welcome fathers to post to the Faces and Voices section and network with the other fathers.


~ Wilbur Hawke



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Technical Assistance Alliance for Parent Centers Update
Wilbur Hawke Appointed to National Fatherhood Committee
Wilbur Hawke, Director of Florida Fathers Network, recently represented fathers of children with disabilities at a meeting of the National Fathers Leadership Group in Washington, DC. A diverse group of father organizations and faith-based representatives gathered with White House staff to discuss President Obama's Father Involvement Family Preservation Initiatives. This meeting focused on proposed 2011 funding for the Fatherhood, Marriage, and Families Innovation Fund. Congratulations to Wilbur for this honor and all the work he has done in this area!